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“Gracious” and “modern” – two words that described Horizon House when it first rose from the wave-swept beaches of Park Shore and still apply today.  The elegant Spanish architecture, the expansive 30-foot long lanai’s, the “garden-in-the-sky” touches, and the graceful, curved lines of the structure itself – these are the elements that distinguish Horizon House from its neighbors.

Below the geodesic dome that caps the center courtyard, towering palms trees and lush greenery flourish and the self-watering planters nestled in the corner of every balcony provide gardens to each owner.  Residents easily stroll down to the beach for a glass of wine at sunset, with ease of access to the sands that is a rare luxury.

As elegant as it is, Horizon House, with its concrete construction, was built to withstand the rigors of Florida weather.   And while the appearance reflects a modern sensibility, the infrastructure meets the requirements of modern functionality. Plumbing, HVAC, electric, fire, security and elevators have all been updated.

Old Florida charm meets modern coastal living to create the unique blend that is Horizon House.